Meditation has countless benefits on your health and life in general. Here are some great reasons to make meditation a part (even if it is a small part) of your daily rountine.

1. It increases your mental clarity and focus by eliminating incessant mind chatter created by an endless stream of thoughts.

2. Morning meditation sets a positive, peaceful energy into motion that infuses itself into the rest of your activities for the day (after a while you will notice things running more smoothly on their own).

3. Evening meditation helps you unwind from your day and improves sleep quality.

4. Injecting positive, specific intentions into a non-thought space during meditation helps your intentions manifest faster.

5. Meditation automatically reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, and improves breathing.

6. Meditation improves your ability to receive. Ask yourself specific questions before a meditation (Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the best solution to this problem?), quiet your mind, and then listen. Meditation puts you in touch with the silence that holds the answers.

7. Meditation jumpstarts your intuition, creativity, and inspiration. A quiet, relaxed mind is more likely to receive an intuitive hit than a frazzled one.

8. Meditation helps to release negative energy and toxic emotions.

9. Meditation triggers self-healing mechanisms that activate the body’s natural immune system.

10. Meditation helps you fully focus and channel your energy into each present moment. It makes you more powerful and effective in the present.