Five Minutes To Better Health

Here we are a month into 2009, and I have yet to write an article. This has got me thinking about how busy everyone is, and how easy it is to let something like an intention to meditate fall by the wayside. In the midst of dealing with the stresses of everyday life, work, and relationships, it can be easy to go for weeks without making time for spirituality. What I’ve found is that something like meditation can help precisely in those times of increased stress. To read more about the psychological and physical benefits of meditation, see my earlier post here. For those of you who know you should be meditating, but can’t seem to find the time/energy/motivation, here are 5 ways to sneak 5 extra minutes of awareness into your day: 1. While you are sitting at your computer at work, shut your door and close your eyes for 2-5 minutes. Your emails, phone calls, and crackberry can wait for that long. Trust me. Take some deep breaths and bring your attention to any tension you feel anywhere in your body. Now visualize the tension dissipating and consciously relax those muscles. 2. When you get up in the morning, lay in your bed for 5 extra minutes in a position that feels most comfortable to you. Try to remember any dreams and emotions your dreams may have evoked in you. This is a good way to find what your vibrational set point is. Are you scared about something? Anxious? This could be showing up in your dreams. Consciously make note of any emotions. Next, set a positive intention for the day. It can be something specific, or something general (”My only goal today [...]