The Karma Cop-out

So I’ve gotten used to various friends, family members, and acquaintances who regularly ask me for spiritual advice (or who disagree with me on some point or the other, and just want to have a spirited debate). I respect the latter just as much as the former, by the way. This past weekend, someone very close to me brought up a very good point: “But what about karma? What about fate? Surely you don’t believe that you can control everything. I mean, sure we have free will, and our thoughts can influence some things, but a lot of things are out of our control.” So here is my two paragraph explanation of a centuries old problem: free will versus destiny. First, there is the accumulation of thought that has brought you to where you currently are. There is continuity from lifetime to lifetime. This is what most people mean when they say “karma.” So this is true. But you see, the thing is, things are not really happening in a nice, linear way like our mind likes to think. In reality, our souls exist in a multi-dimensional reality where everything is happening in the NOW. The past and future are projections of our mind; a neat trick the mind uses to categorize and fully understand different experiences. Within the boundaries of a time-space continuum, if you are living unconsciously from lifetime to lifetime, without recognition that your thoughts are driving your reality, and without any connection to Source energy, then yes, your life just becomes a continuation of previous energy. You will seemingly have very little control in this scenario, and the “good” and “bad” things that happen in your life can be attributed to [...]