How Information Overload Affects Your Energy

It's no secret we are in a world of information overload. Between facebook, twitter, cell phones, 24 hour news channels, digital billboards, TV ads, text messaging, and a hundred other ways to "stay connected," we are in a perpetual state of sorting through a bombardment of information that is flowing to us through multiple channels at any given moment. Some of it we care about, some is completely irrelevant. There are some pieces of information we want to know about our friends, relatives, and colleagues, and other things that we really don't. But we sometimes have little control over what information we are exposed to. And even more importantly, most people do not consciously monitor how that information is making them feel. If you were ordering your news through a take-out window, you might get the following: 5 murders, 3 wars, 2 disease epidemics, and 1 collapsing global economy, to go, please. You wouldn't necessarily fuel your body with unhealthy junk, so why would feed your mind with unhealthy, depressing thoughts? A lot of people see the benefit of monitoring what they put in their bodies, but not their minds. You can't always bury your head in the sand and ignore every piece of negative information that is out there. ("Isn't it important to face reality," you ask)? But just because it is someone else's reality doesn't mean it has to become your own. There's a huge contrast of things happening out there, both those which you deem "good" and those which you deem "bad". Only you get to decide what you let in into your own world. How do you decide? By choosing what you focus on. By directing your thoughts, emotions, and attention [...]