Five Step Process To Breaking A Negative Thought Pattern

A simple, five step process to recognizing and breaking negative thought patterns: 1. Catch yourself in the act. Most people don't even recognize when they are having a negative thought, because it is so ingrained in their thought pattern, that they don't even perceive it as "negative". They see it as Truth. As reality. Most people also erroneously assume that other people would have the same thought / reaction if faced with a similar stimuli or circumstance. For example, take the thought, "This traffic is so terrible. I am wasting so much time. I can't believe I have to deal with this." This thought, while it may seem logical and true, creates a stress response in the body. The basis of this thought is, "I have been put into an unpleasant circumstance that I cannot control. I will attempt to fight back by reacting negatively and with resistance." Feel the emotional space of helplessness and anger that this thought places you in. If you hold this negative emotion strongly enough, and for long enough, you will find yourself in many, many other circumstances where you feel helpless and out of control, because Law of Attraction naturally continues to draw to you what you are most dominantly feeling. That's why it is so important to catch yourself in a chronic, negative underlying thought pattern. 2. Recognize that you are thinking the thought; the thought is not thinking you. This gives you some immediate relief, as you now have some power back as you realize that you are thinker of this thought - it did not just think you (although sometimes it seems as if our thoughts are thinking us). This also almost instantly diffuses the negative [...]