Why National Politics Are Largely Irrelevant To Your Personal Reality

In this year of political frenzy, a seemingly endless election cycle, and dogmatic opinions on both sides of the political aisle, I’m going to make a bold assertion: what happens in the political world will be largely irrelevant to your personal reality. There. I said it. I know it’s almost blasphemy; we are taught that being politically involved is our civic duty. That what happens in Washington affects all of us. That this country is doomed if (fill-in-the-blank with the party you’ve decided is evil) takes control. And finally, that it is simple common sense to make sure that that the particular party that doesn’t represent our self-interest is stopped. I don’t disagree with some of these premises. Obviously, policies on healthcare, the economy, energy, and the environment do affect our daily lives on some level. I also think in order for a democracy to work (or, rather, a Republic, which is what the United States is), we must make our individual and collective voices heard. But with those objections preemptively addressed, I’d like you to consider whether or not a Democrat or Republican in the White House is really going to dramatically alter your daily reality. Have you ever seen a billionaire become poor because a Democrat is now in power? Sorry to break it to some of you, but people that are successful and know how to attract wealth on a personal level will just continue to do so. They will find creative outlets, lucrative business deals, cultivate meaningful relationships, execute on ideas, and utilize the best accountants and lawyers just as they did before. Sure, they may be taxed more or be faced with greater regulations, but their individual point of attraction [...]

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How Do I Find My Soulmate?

Question: Ever since I read The Secret two years ago, I’ve been using Law of Attraction to find my soulmate.  I try to stay positive and focus on what I want, but it’s not working.  What am I doing wrong?” Dr. Kulkarni’s Answer: I get this question a lot.  Often times, when people think they are “focusing on what they want” they are actually vibrationally activating the lack of it.  It’s like someone saying over and over to the Universe – “I want a million dollars!  I want a million dollars!  Soon Law of Attraction will work and I will have a million dollars!”  This doesn’t really work because someone who actually has a million dollars doesn’t yearn for it – they already come from a secure knowing place of abundance and a feeling place of inherent worthiness. When you focus on attracting a partner, the energy pattern you are relaying to the Universe (to put it into words) is – “Universe, I’m going to be positive so that you will give me this thing that I know I currently do not have.”  So the Universe continues to replicate the experience of your knowing that you do not have it, despite your most positive intentions. You have to vibrationally shift into a place of KNOWING and BELIEVING that you are your own soulmate.  That you are already complete and worthy as is.  That there is nothing and no one missing.  When you don’t feel like anything is missing (and therefore are not asking for anyone to fill the gap), what you want will appear swiftly and readily through the path of least resistance.

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