Middle East Conflict: Are We Asking The Right Questions?

This week’s headlines have been filled with escalating tensions and violence between Israel and Palestine. Sadly, this is a movie we’ve seen before – an acute event which instigates a crisis, both sides responding with military action or violence, many lives (most of them civilian) lost, people’s homes and livelihoods shattered. Then, a temporary and politically-driven ceasefire with no real, permanent solution. Rinse and repeat for approximately sixty years. The real problem isn’t a lack of negotiation, mediation, or intervention. The root of the issue lies in the mindset of the people in both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. Regardless of peace treaties on paper, politically driven speeches calling for cooperation, and clearly drawn territorial boundaries, the people in these two communities fundamentally do not understand, trust, or respect each other. There is a deep gap, now passed down two or three generations, of anger, frustration, and hatred between the two communities. Each side is determined to be proven right, and make the other pay for past deeds. And sadly, both sides use religion as a means to justify their actions, even if they are violent. We know that artificial and politically-driven solutions aren’t working. So what is the solution? First of all, the majority of the people (not just diplomats and political leaders) have to want peace. Not want to be right. Not want revenge. Not want a temporary win. But want peace, and a peaceful daily existence. Only when the masses of people hold peace as their highest intention can peace become a true reality. How do you make an individual or a community understand the value of co-existing peacefully with a group of people that are different than them? How do you [...]

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Natural Disasters and the Law of Attraction

As I sit here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warm and cozy in my Manhattan apartment, I’ve taken the last few days to contemplate how spirituality (and even religious beliefs) factor into mass events like natural disasters.  If you believe, like I do, that we create our own reality through the energy frequency of our thoughts (which is the fundamental basis of the Law of Attraction), then we have to accept that we are creating or attracting everything in our lives, even events that seem to be on such a wide scale that they seemingly have nothing to do with our personal point of attraction or the focus of our thoughts. While it may be true that an individual has never thought about or focused on a particular event, illness, or circumstance that befalls them, the absolute truth is that they are (consciously or unconsciously) vibrating at a frequency that precisely matches what they are experiencing.  We know through numerous clinical studies, for instance, that the cells of our body feel and react to negative energy and emotion.  So even if someone has never thought about a specific bodily condition, if they are a chronically angry or irritated person, for example, the eventual manifestation of something like a stomach ulcer (which involves inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining), doesn’t seem like such a random coincidence after all. While the correlation between our thoughts and our physical bodies is easier to wrap our head around, the same correlation between our thoughts and the surrounding physical reality also exists.  This means that while someone may have not consciously thought of something like a hurricane, if they experienced it, they were at a vibrational frequency that [...]

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