A lot of people, when faced with a problem in their life, whether its a work-related or personal, think incessantly about the problem. Some of this is involuntary because it’s easy (and lazy) to dwell on what is. “Well this is my reality” they say. “Of course I’m going to think about it.” What’s even worse, they sometimes hyperfocus on the problem, hoping that this focus on what’s wrong will help them to find a solution. These people don’t really understand how energy works.

What you give your attention to, you add energy to, and it continues to expand in your life.

By focusing on the problem, you are simply adding to the status quo of what is, and you are making it harder for yourself to create the change you seek. Focusing on the problem will not lead to a solution, since the problem is a different energy vibration than the vibration of the solution. When you are focused on the problem, the solution cannot find you. The people you need to meet, the insight that you are hoping will come to you, the circumstances that might favor you, etc. cannot align with you. The universe will continue to bring you more of what you are vibrating, which is “I have this problem.” The universe then says “Yes, you do.” The universe (or the field of infinite intelligence) always agrees with you.

Now, you do want to think about your problem to the extent that you define it clearly. After all, if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t very well go about fixing it. But once you’ve clearly defined the problem and figured out what’s wrong, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, and begin to think about the way you want things to be.

Stop beating the drum of what you don’t want. You have to begin telling yourself a new story, even if it seems artificial at first. As you slowly begin to ignore your “reality” (which was at one time nothing more than your thoughts) and you begin to think and feel new thoughts, your reality will begin to conform to your new vibration. Do whatever you need to do to feel good; don’t worry about whether it is “real” yet or not. Use techniques described earlier like meditation, visualization, and filtering out what’s good about your life as your excuse to feel good. These are some of the best ways to raise your vibration. Then relax into that space of well-being, and think about what a solution would feel like.

The goal is to align with the universal intelligence that is always available to you. When you feel positive emotion, are solution-oriented, and direct your thoughts and feelings towards what you want to create, you align with your greater self and gain power. As you close the gap between You and you, sometimes you will find that solutions arise and problems resolve- spontaneously.