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Why Loving Yourself Is So Critical

I know it may sound selfish, but throughout my years of coaching people and writing on spirituality, I’ve learned that perhaps the single most important key to success in every area of life (career, relationships, health, you name it) is self-love.What do I mean by self-love?Not arrogance.Not ego.Not an outward bravado.But a calm, inner confidence and belief in one’s own goodness and deservingness.People that fundamentally have the ability to love and accept themselves unconditionally tend to find peace, happiness, and success with much more ease than people that have low self-esteem and a negative self view. And even those of us that are generally content with ourselves could use some lessons in self-appreciation now and again.Here are my top 5 tips to begin loving yourself more: 1.Appreciate some aspect of your body.Our bodies can easily become a focus of insecurity or negativity.No matter you look like or think you look like, there is something about your body that is working really well.Your heart and lungs are working in perfect harmony to keep the oxygen flowing to trillions of cells 24/7- without you even having to think twice about it.Your brain and fingers can work at lightning speed so you can type out hundreds of words with little effort.Do you know how many trillions of brain cells have to be firing in a coordinated fashion for this to even be possible?Trust me, your body is profoundly complex, wise, and intuitive.It’s easy take it for granted, or worse, feel negative towards your body for the 10 extra pounds it’s holding on to or your less than perfect nose.The more you focus and appreciate on all the amazing things your body does for you every single day, the [...]

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Middle East Conflict: Are We Asking The Right Questions?

This week’s headlines have been filled with escalating tensions and violence between Israel and Palestine. Sadly, this is a movie we’ve seen before – an acute event which instigates a crisis, both sides responding with military action or violence, many lives (most of them civilian) lost, people’s homes and livelihoods shattered. Then, a temporary and politically-driven ceasefire with no real, permanent solution. Rinse and repeat for approximately sixty years. The real problem isn’t a lack of negotiation, mediation, or intervention. The root of the issue lies in the mindset of the people in both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. Regardless of peace treaties on paper, politically driven speeches calling for cooperation, and clearly drawn territorial boundaries, the people in these two communities fundamentally do not understand, trust, or respect each other. There is a deep gap, now passed down two or three generations, of anger, frustration, and hatred between the two communities. Each side is determined to be proven right, and make the other pay for past deeds. And sadly, both sides use religion as a means to justify their actions, even if they are violent. We know that artificial and politically-driven solutions aren’t working. So what is the solution? First of all, the majority of the people (not just diplomats and political leaders) have to want peace. Not want to be right. Not want revenge. Not want a temporary win. But want peace, and a peaceful daily existence. Only when the masses of people hold peace as their highest intention can peace become a true reality. How do you make an individual or a community understand the value of co-existing peacefully with a group of people that are different than them? How do you [...]

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Natural Disasters and the Law of Attraction

As I sit here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warm and cozy in my Manhattan apartment, I’ve taken the last few days to contemplate how spirituality (and even religious beliefs) factor into mass events like natural disasters.  If you believe, like I do, that we create our own reality through the energy frequency of our thoughts (which is the fundamental basis of the Law of Attraction), then we have to accept that we are creating or attracting everything in our lives, even events that seem to be on such a wide scale that they seemingly have nothing to do with our personal point of attraction or the focus of our thoughts. While it may be true that an individual has never thought about or focused on a particular event, illness, or circumstance that befalls them, the absolute truth is that they are (consciously or unconsciously) vibrating at a frequency that precisely matches what they are experiencing.  We know through numerous clinical studies, for instance, that the cells of our body feel and react to negative energy and emotion.  So even if someone has never thought about a specific bodily condition, if they are a chronically angry or irritated person, for example, the eventual manifestation of something like a stomach ulcer (which involves inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining), doesn’t seem like such a random coincidence after all. While the correlation between our thoughts and our physical bodies is easier to wrap our head around, the same correlation between our thoughts and the surrounding physical reality also exists.  This means that while someone may have not consciously thought of something like a hurricane, if they experienced it, they were at a vibrational frequency that [...]

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How Can I Help?

Reader question of the month:   Is there a strategy to be my best helpful self without allowing others to take advantage of me? – L.D., Brooklyn, New York This is a great question. Often times, people with a strong moral compass and the desire to be of service feel compelled to “help” others – either through words / advice, or by giving their time, energy, or money. While it may seem on the surface that helping in whatever way we can is obviously the right thing to do, it’s important to ask a couple of questions before leaping into “help mode.” Does this person really want or need my help? It’s easy to see someone that is in trouble, upset, or that could use a hand, and offer advice or assistance. Or maybe you have some knowledge that could help that person live a better life overall (those that understand Law of Attraction often run into this problem with people that don’t understand how they are creating their own reality). But if that person is not receptive to your help, knowledge, or advice, you’ll do little but annoy him or her, and drain your own energy in the process. Take a step back and see if the person might be better off learning from a particular experience. If they are not asking, don’t jump in, and even if they are asking, think about what’s really best for them in the long run. How is providing my time / energy / money make me feel? This is the most important question. Before you offer assistance, or even when you are in the midst of helping someone, if it begins to not feel good to you, [...]

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Why National Politics Are Largely Irrelevant To Your Personal Reality

In this year of political frenzy, a seemingly endless election cycle, and dogmatic opinions on both sides of the political aisle, I’m going to make a bold assertion: what happens in the political world will be largely irrelevant to your personal reality. There. I said it. I know it’s almost blasphemy; we are taught that being politically involved is our civic duty. That what happens in Washington affects all of us. That this country is doomed if (fill-in-the-blank with the party you’ve decided is evil) takes control. And finally, that it is simple common sense to make sure that that the particular party that doesn’t represent our self-interest is stopped. I don’t disagree with some of these premises. Obviously, policies on healthcare, the economy, energy, and the environment do affect our daily lives on some level. I also think in order for a democracy to work (or, rather, a Republic, which is what the United States is), we must make our individual and collective voices heard. But with those objections preemptively addressed, I’d like you to consider whether or not a Democrat or Republican in the White House is really going to dramatically alter your daily reality. Have you ever seen a billionaire become poor because a Democrat is now in power? Sorry to break it to some of you, but people that are successful and know how to attract wealth on a personal level will just continue to do so. They will find creative outlets, lucrative business deals, cultivate meaningful relationships, execute on ideas, and utilize the best accountants and lawyers just as they did before. Sure, they may be taxed more or be faced with greater regulations, but their individual point of attraction [...]

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How Do I Find My Soulmate?

Question: Ever since I read The Secret two years ago, I’ve been using Law of Attraction to find my soulmate.  I try to stay positive and focus on what I want, but it’s not working.  What am I doing wrong?” Dr. Kulkarni’s Answer: I get this question a lot.  Often times, when people think they are “focusing on what they want” they are actually vibrationally activating the lack of it.  It’s like someone saying over and over to the Universe – “I want a million dollars!  I want a million dollars!  Soon Law of Attraction will work and I will have a million dollars!”  This doesn’t really work because someone who actually has a million dollars doesn’t yearn for it – they already come from a secure knowing place of abundance and a feeling place of inherent worthiness. When you focus on attracting a partner, the energy pattern you are relaying to the Universe (to put it into words) is – “Universe, I’m going to be positive so that you will give me this thing that I know I currently do not have.”  So the Universe continues to replicate the experience of your knowing that you do not have it, despite your most positive intentions. You have to vibrationally shift into a place of KNOWING and BELIEVING that you are your own soulmate.  That you are already complete and worthy as is.  That there is nothing and no one missing.  When you don’t feel like anything is missing (and therefore are not asking for anyone to fill the gap), what you want will appear swiftly and readily through the path of least resistance.

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When should you take action?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: taking action to achieve a goal, from a place of misaligned energy, is rarely effective.  And that's precisely what's wrong with 99% of the "advice" that's out there about how to achieve success.  They tell you:  Write down your goals!  Do 3 small things every day that will move you towards that goal!  Make a list of action steps!  And my favorite:  Don't forget to network like a champ!! If it were really that simple, why is it that so many people are doing exactly those things, and are not getting the big results they seek?  Or even any results for that matter?  And there are other people who just seem to get a bright idea, rendezvous with the right people at the right time, and things seem to unfold naturally and effortlessly.  I'm certainly not implying that the latter group is not working hard.  But there's a lot more to the equation than just hard work, my friends, or there would be a lot more uber successful people out there.  You've just got to admit it - there's simply more to it than just working hard and "taking action". That's because taking action can either be upstream or downstream.  When you are paddling upstream, you are rowing really hard against a powerful current: no matter how hard you try (and you may make it a ways through sheer determination and physical strength), eventually you will get tired and the much more powerful current will have its way with you (that's what getting beat up by life feels like). When you are paddling downstream, you are going with the flow.  You're in sync with your emotions [...]

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Are You Doing What You Love?

Here is an article I recently wrote for an online women's magazine on career advice. Let me know what questions you all have! Enjoy! Few people are lucky enough to say that they are doing what they’re really truly passionate about. Having a job that doesn’t feel like a job shouldn’t be a luxury, but something you should strive for. Most very successful people will tell you that part of the secret of their success was simply just following their instinct and doing something that was fun for them and that they were naturally good at. But for many people that are struggling to define what exactly that is, the following steps are a great way to get the ball rolling. 1. Take an inventory of what your passions are This sounds simple enough, but a step that people sometimes overlook. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be related to what your degree is in, or what your current job happens to be. One exercise I tell my clients to do is, think back to what they liked doing as kids. What subjects interested you the most in school? What things were you fascinated by growing up? Then begin to look deeper into your personality. Are you creative or analytical? Are you a risk taker (i.e. entrepreneurial) or do you like the security of a steady salary? How important is lifestyle to you? Finally, follow your gut instinct. One of the best ways to figure out what you should be doing in life is to FOLLOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM. While no career is perfect or without tedious days, you should always gauge whether you are on the right track or not by how excited, enthusiastic, and [...]

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The Purpose of Mantras in Meditation

Although there are many different meditation techniques, methods, and theories, the end goal of meditation is always the same: to quiet the mind and establish a closer connection with your true Self (or soul or God). There are different schools of thought on what exactly the most efficient ways to do that are. As a refresher, the value of quieting your mind is that you are consciously (even if it's for a short while) redirecting energy away from negative thoughts or beliefs that are not serving you. When you withdraw your focus and energy from negative thoughts, you immediately shift into a more positive, higher energy field. website host information When you stop thought, you stop negative thought, and your energy frequency naturally rises. This has beneficial effects on both the body (lower blood pressure, deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles, healing in cells, lower anxiety levels) and the mind (increased clarity, focus, and concentration, as well as better sleep and improved mood). So how do you get to a place of non-thought?? And once you're there, how do you maintain it? This is something the yogis of thousands of years ago struggled with, and out of which the knowledge of mantras was slowly developed. "Mantra" is a Sanskrit word comprised of the root "man" which means mind and "tra," or instrument. So mantra literally translates to "instrument of the mind." Mantras were a tool that the yogis used to get from a place of scattered thought and outward focus, to stillness and inner focus. Turns out, focusing on a single thought or phrase that is neutral in nature (meaning it doesn't bring up strong emotions or connections to anything in the physical world), is an [...]

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Learning To Be Your Authentic Self

When we're young, most of us are taught to measure how we feel about ourselves by how others react to our behavior. When someone praised you as a child, for example, you naturally tried to repeat that smile-inducing, head-nodding behavior. When some scolded or criticized you, you were probably taught that you did something wrong. Thus began a vicious life-long cycle for many people of trying desperately to please everyone - parents, teachers, friends, relatives, co-workers, and even strangers that may be judging us. After all, the rules of socialization tell us that we must fit in, conform, and abide by social norms that were most likely (and ironically) set by disconnected people in a largely dysfunctional society. Many people forgot long ago to listen to the only voice that really matters: themselves. Their real, authentic self. Not who society says you should be. Not who you think people want you to be. And not even how you were taught to be. But rather, who you want to be (and are) to your core. How do you know what your authentic self is? And why is it so critical to come from a place of authenticity? First of all, not caring what other people think, and tuning out the voices and advice of others, can be a daunting task. After all, it's not that your friends and family don't mean well. But they all have their own biases, agendas, limitations, and viewpoints - which may or may not be right for you. In order for you to discover your authentic self, you have to dig deep and do some soul-searching. What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What truths resonate with you?? Most people [...]

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