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Hi Everyone! I am so excited to present to you this FREE podcast I did with YouAreCreators, a fantastic YouTube channel which collects and presents original metaphysical and spirituality content. We tackle some really BIG life questions in the interview... but with really easy, clear answers! Looking for the meaning of life?  Want to find your life's purpose?  Trying to manifest love?  We talk about it all...just click on the link below. Enjoy!   As always, leave me comments below: What do you think of the interview? What other questions do you have? ask a question cheap car rental

You Have To Believe It To See It

As we near the end of 2013, many of us will naturally reflect on the past year.  It’s easy to focus on the big things, either positive or negative, that happened (or didn’t happen).  Once a big promotion or dream job has manifested, it takes very little mental discipline to be excited or happy- it’s easy to feel joy about something great once it’s right in front of you.  Most people, even the negative and cynical among us, can smile when they see a cute baby or a rainbow.  Similarly, our mind will naturally lament and feel regret over all our unfulfilled desires and dreams (“Another New Year’s Eve and I’m still single!” or “Still need to lose those 20 pounds!” are common complaints that I hear this time of the year, and that give people a license to feel sad).  While I think it’s sometimes helpful to take inventory of what worked and what didn’t this year, simply observing “what is” in your life is not what deliberate creation is all about.  If you follow my writing, you know that I always stress that the only way to create the life of your dreams is from the inside out.  What does this mean?  My favorite analogy is that of the mirror.  When you look in a mirror, you intuitively understand that the mirror is simply a reflection of who you are and what you are projecting. If you smile, the mirror automatically smiles.  If you frown, it reflects a frowning image back.  The mirror does not have its own agenda and does not have the ability to reflect back to you anything you are not already putting out there!  Pretty easy to understand so [...]

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Middle East Conflict: Are We Asking The Right Questions?

This week’s headlines have been filled with escalating tensions and violence between Israel and Palestine. Sadly, this is a movie we’ve seen before – an acute event which instigates a crisis, both sides responding with military action or violence, many lives (most of them civilian) lost, people’s homes and livelihoods shattered. Then, a temporary and politically-driven ceasefire with no real, permanent solution. Rinse and repeat for approximately sixty years. The real problem isn’t a lack of negotiation, mediation, or intervention. The root of the issue lies in the mindset of the people in both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. Regardless of peace treaties on paper, politically driven speeches calling for cooperation, and clearly drawn territorial boundaries, the people in these two communities fundamentally do not understand, trust, or respect each other. There is a deep gap, now passed down two or three generations, of anger, frustration, and hatred between the two communities. Each side is determined to be proven right, and make the other pay for past deeds. And sadly, both sides use religion as a means to justify their actions, even if they are violent. We know that artificial and politically-driven solutions aren’t working. So what is the solution? First of all, the majority of the people (not just diplomats and political leaders) have to want peace. Not want to be right. Not want revenge. Not want a temporary win. But want peace, and a peaceful daily existence. Only when the masses of people hold peace as their highest intention can peace become a true reality. How do you make an individual or a community understand the value of co-existing peacefully with a group of people that are different than them? How do you [...]

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Natural Disasters and the Law of Attraction

As I sit here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warm and cozy in my Manhattan apartment, I’ve taken the last few days to contemplate how spirituality (and even religious beliefs) factor into mass events like natural disasters.  If you believe, like I do, that we create our own reality through the energy frequency of our thoughts (which is the fundamental basis of the Law of Attraction), then we have to accept that we are creating or attracting everything in our lives, even events that seem to be on such a wide scale that they seemingly have nothing to do with our personal point of attraction or the focus of our thoughts. While it may be true that an individual has never thought about or focused on a particular event, illness, or circumstance that befalls them, the absolute truth is that they are (consciously or unconsciously) vibrating at a frequency that precisely matches what they are experiencing.  We know through numerous clinical studies, for instance, that the cells of our body feel and react to negative energy and emotion.  So even if someone has never thought about a specific bodily condition, if they are a chronically angry or irritated person, for example, the eventual manifestation of something like a stomach ulcer (which involves inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining), doesn’t seem like such a random coincidence after all. While the correlation between our thoughts and our physical bodies is easier to wrap our head around, the same correlation between our thoughts and the surrounding physical reality also exists.  This means that while someone may have not consciously thought of something like a hurricane, if they experienced it, they were at a vibrational frequency that [...]

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Why National Politics Are Largely Irrelevant To Your Personal Reality

In this year of political frenzy, a seemingly endless election cycle, and dogmatic opinions on both sides of the political aisle, I’m going to make a bold assertion: what happens in the political world will be largely irrelevant to your personal reality. There. I said it. I know it’s almost blasphemy; we are taught that being politically involved is our civic duty. That what happens in Washington affects all of us. That this country is doomed if (fill-in-the-blank with the party you’ve decided is evil) takes control. And finally, that it is simple common sense to make sure that that the particular party that doesn’t represent our self-interest is stopped. I don’t disagree with some of these premises. Obviously, policies on healthcare, the economy, energy, and the environment do affect our daily lives on some level. I also think in order for a democracy to work (or, rather, a Republic, which is what the United States is), we must make our individual and collective voices heard. But with those objections preemptively addressed, I’d like you to consider whether or not a Democrat or Republican in the White House is really going to dramatically alter your daily reality. Have you ever seen a billionaire become poor because a Democrat is now in power? Sorry to break it to some of you, but people that are successful and know how to attract wealth on a personal level will just continue to do so. They will find creative outlets, lucrative business deals, cultivate meaningful relationships, execute on ideas, and utilize the best accountants and lawyers just as they did before. Sure, they may be taxed more or be faced with greater regulations, but their individual point of attraction [...]

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Are You Doing What You Love?

Here is an article I recently wrote for an online women's magazine on career advice. Let me know what questions you all have! Enjoy! Few people are lucky enough to say that they are doing what they’re really truly passionate about. Having a job that doesn’t feel like a job shouldn’t be a luxury, but something you should strive for. Most very successful people will tell you that part of the secret of their success was simply just following their instinct and doing something that was fun for them and that they were naturally good at. But for many people that are struggling to define what exactly that is, the following steps are a great way to get the ball rolling. 1. Take an inventory of what your passions are This sounds simple enough, but a step that people sometimes overlook. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be related to what your degree is in, or what your current job happens to be. One exercise I tell my clients to do is, think back to what they liked doing as kids. What subjects interested you the most in school? What things were you fascinated by growing up? Then begin to look deeper into your personality. Are you creative or analytical? Are you a risk taker (i.e. entrepreneurial) or do you like the security of a steady salary? How important is lifestyle to you? Finally, follow your gut instinct. One of the best ways to figure out what you should be doing in life is to FOLLOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM. While no career is perfect or without tedious days, you should always gauge whether you are on the right track or not by how excited, enthusiastic, and [...]

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My Favorite Tips For Making the Law of Attraction Work For You

1. Act "as if." A recent study showed that the brain waves generated and neurotransmitters released when someone visualizes sitting on a beach (for example) are exactly the same as the brain waves of a person who is actually sitting on that beach. Your mind (and the Universe) doesn't recognize the difference between what you perceive as "real" and "imaginary." It only reads vibration. The easiest way to attract something into your experience is to evoke the FEELING and VIBRATION of already having it, and then hold your attention to that feeling as long as possible, preferably until it becomes second nature. Feeling as if what you want is already here may seem like a exercise in delusion, but remember, reality is pliable. Your physical reality is constantly changing and conforming to the energy frequency you are holding. 2. Role play. When someone recently asked the entertainer Lady Gaga how she became so famous so quickly, she responded, "I knew I was famous even before anyone ever knew me." She would feel, think, and act like people she admired even before the physical manifestation of her own fame. Who are some people that inspire you? Who would you want to be like? It doesn't have to be anyone "famous" - just someone that you admire and has had an impact on you. There are many archetypes for you to choose from. Try to get out of your own head a little bit and think and feel more like the person that inspires you. How would they think about a situation? What would they do? Aside from being a fun exercise, this can help you shift your perceptions and create new energy patterns. 3. Do what [...]

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5 Simple Steps To Creating Change

  1. Think a different thought. We all have certain beliefs, expectations, and patterns of thought about certain subjects that seem natural to us, because we have practiced those thoughts for so long. The number one reason it's hard to get out of a rut or create change is because we keep thinking the same thoughts about a given subject. Jolt yourself out of an energy rut by forcing your mind to view things from a different, more favorable perspective, and then try to hold that new perspective for as long as possible. 2. Take a different action. As they say, madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you are wanting something to be different in your life, or just wanting to create some excitement, the change has to start with you first. There are no boring lives, only boring people. So if you want a different result, take a different action, even if it is small one. 3. Come from a place of abundance, not lack. A lot of times, when people want something or someone in their life to be different, they automatically start from a place of negativity and lackfulness, which undermines the change they are hoping to create. "I hate my job, I wish I had a different one" will continue to bring you more experiences that reinforce that same belief. A simple shift to, "I'm grateful for having a job and am in the process of creating an even better one" can be really impactful. This new statement puts you in a more powerful vibrational place of appreciation and hope rather than desperation. Always act as if what you want is already on its way to [...]

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Why Your Ego Is Preventing You From Getting What You Really Want

Once you understand the fundamentals of the law of attraction, and get the basic concept that your thoughts carry a vibrational frequency that is attracting like frequencies, it is sometimes easy to get carried away in trying to force things to happen through your thoughts. You become obsessed thinking about something in an effort to make it happen. And then the thing you want most continues to elude you. What's going on here? If I desire something strongly, and the Universe is responding to my thoughts, then why am I not getting what I'm thinking about? There is a difference between leveraging your thoughts, and paying attention to your emotions (which are always an accurate indicator of your vibration), and trying to force things to happen through your mind. Pantangali, and other great yogic mystics, have described the process of creation through four basic elements: ego, mind, body, and soul. Your soul (or the non-physical part of self that is connected to all Energy) is what coordinates all the cooperative components of your experience. It is what does the creating, and the assembling of synchronous events, people, and circumstances. The mind, ego, and body do not create. They are simply tools to help you decipher what you want. The mind can only observe, categorize, and collect evidence from the reality it is faced with, and use this information to formulate the desire for a change, or new reality. But it cannot make that desire come to fruition. Similarly, the ego can perpetuate the desire and make it stronger. And the body can use its senses to experience the current reality. But it cannot create a new one. So how does it all fit together? To [...]

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Is Action More Important Than Thought?

In trying to create change in your life, how important is thought versus action? There is a common misconception out that the only way one can create change is through ACTION. “No pain, no gain” they tell us. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” We’ve all grown up in a society where action reigns supreme, and hard work and sacrifice are applauded. But have you ever noticed how many people there are out there working very, very hard, and yet success still eludes them? And there are other people that just seem to get lucky, or get all the breaks? If the formula was as simple as hard work = success, there would be a lot more successful people out there, don’t you agree? But then, people argue, “oh he just got lucky” or “she just timed it right, that’s all.” But what influences your luck? What inspires you to the right timing? Your life is more than just a series of random coincidences over which hard work is your only way to fight back and have a sense of control. Taking fruitful, effective action (and working hard when you need to) is definitely important. But what’s more important is that your energy is lined up. If you are not already feeling successful, if you have a lot of resistance in terms of negativity, hesitation, anxiety, etc., then you are holding yourself back. If your energy is not in alignment with what you want, and you have not created a great deal of positive momentum through your vibration (the energy vibe you are giving off to the universe), I’ve got news for you: you can work 24 hours a day on your business and you will [...]

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