Importance of Lining Up Your Beliefs and Expectations

What role do your beliefs and expectations play in shaping your life? And how much should they influence your actions? A belief is a thought pattern that you hold, either consciously or subconsciously. It could be something that you were taught, something that people around you or the media espouses, or an ingrained way of thinking formed from your own experience. An expectation is just that- what you expect to happen even before it does. People generally have a positive or negative set point when it comes to their expectation. And your set point probably varies depending on a given subject (for example, you could have a positive expectation when it comes to relationships because you have had good experiences in the past, but have a negative or somewhat lower expectation about what is possible for you in your career). Your expectations are really, really important when you are trying to create change in your life. If you desire something, and are taking action steps towards it, but don’t at your core believe that it can happen, then you will always be disappointed in the results you achieve. The universe can only deliver to you as much success as you think is possible for you. That’s why it’s critical that your beliefs and expectations be in line with your actions. Take the issue of losing weight for example, which is something a lot of people struggle with. Most people have certain set beliefs about what they must do to lose weight (cut calories, work out more, etc), and their expectation is that if they do these things for an extended period of time, they will indeed lose weight. The problem comes in when you don’t [...]

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Authentic Power

Most people have mixed thoughts when it comes to understanding the source of power. I’ve noticed most people (including myself, at times) say one thing, but believe or practice another, which causes a conflict in your energy. The most basic question you should ask yourself is: do you view power as external or internal? And what does power mean to you? It depends on who you ask. Some might say that power is influence over others. Some people think of it as the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want- a freedom of sorts. Some equate money to power. The one thing all these answers have in common is that they are all external sources of power. The problem with viewing power this way is that it is not really yours – when you find that you can’t manipulate someone, or aren’t in a state of financial abundance, or in a circumstance that you feel cannot change, then you suddenly feel powerless. This is the fundamental problem of assigning your power to something or someone outside of yourself. What if your perception of power was different? What if true power was control over your own mind? If you buy into the theory that you are creating your own reality through your thoughts (which are vibrating at a certain frequency), and are attracting other thoughts, circumstances, and people of a similar frequency, then your logic should tell you that your thoughts (both your underlying core beliefs and conscious thoughts) are driving your experience- nothing else. The more positive energy you cultivate, the more power you gain over your own experience. This then, is authentic power. By becoming a master of your thoughts, you become [...]

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