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Hi Everyone! I am so excited to present to you this FREE podcast I did with YouAreCreators, a fantastic YouTube channel which collects and presents original metaphysical and spirituality content. We tackle some really BIG life questions in the interview... but with really easy, clear answers! Looking for the meaning of life?  Want to find your life's purpose?  Trying to manifest love?  We talk about it all...just click on the link below. Enjoy!   As always, leave me comments below: What do you think of the interview? What other questions do you have? ask a question cheap car rental

Spiritual Solutions For the Workplace

We’ve all been in difficult interpersonal situations, be it in our personal or professional lives.  Unlike conflict with a friend, relative, or spouse, the rules for conflict resolution in a corporate environment can often be far more complex and confusing.  Being honest, sharing feelings, and coming to a place of mutual compromise are definitely some of my go to techniques in a personal setting. But when the playing field isn’t level, and issues like hierarchies, power struggles, political maneuvering, and passive-aggressive behavior are thrown into the mix, a workplace conflict can often times go unresolved, leaving either one party or both feeling resentful and misunderstood. So what are some of the most effective spiritual solutions for navigating through workplace woes? 1.       Always act from a space of positive energy.  What does this mean?  Often times, when you’re caught up in chaos or conflict of an unfair situation, it’s easy to become reactive and defensive.  When you react from an energetic place of anxiety, anger, vulnerability, or powerlessness, your actions then continue to perpetuate that low vibration and the results are fruitless at best or further damaging at worst.  You HAVE to focus on shifting the energy dynamic first, before acting.  This means focusing on the emotional and mental state that you want to come from (even if you don’t necessarily feel that way in the moment).  What kind of emotional space do you want to project?  Confident, reasonable, team-oriented, and calm.  Taking the time to get into this space, mentally and emotionally, before writing that next email or entering the next meeting, helps diffuse negative energy from a co-worker (because you’re no longer at his or her level), and puts you in a position of [...]

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Dealing With Online Haters

With more of the world creating and consuming information on the internet, online behavior, etiquette, and the rules of engagement are becoming increasingly complex.  Basically, online etiquette is virtually nonexistent.  Sitting behind an anonymous computer screen, with an anonymous screen name, many people feel empowered to say things in comment boxes, chat rooms and on boards that would never say in real life.  In some ways, this creates open, honest, unfiltered dialogue.  On the flip side, it really brings out the dark side of people where they unleash all their frustration, anger, and even boredom through their keyboards. So what to do if you’re an online writer, blogger, tweeter, or anyone who puts any sort of content out there that people can read and comment on?  These are my top tips for surviving and navigating through the world of online haters: 1.       Don’t take it personally.  This seems like an obvious one, but it’s good to remind yourself that the people that are writing nasty or negative comments probably don’t know you in real life.  They have not put as much thought and effort into their words as you probably have into yours, and aren’t as invested in what they’re saying and how it might be hurting you.  Most people just have a knee-jerk reaction, comment on the first thing that comes to mind and move on.  Also remember that some of these people are bored, and it’s much easier for them to tear someone else down than to do something constructive themselves.  So keep a cool head, your emotions in check, resist the urge to respond, and move on.  2.       Know what you’re getting yourself into.  When you voluntarily post your work, writing, or [...]

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When should you take action?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: taking action to achieve a goal, from a place of misaligned energy, is rarely effective.  And that's precisely what's wrong with 99% of the "advice" that's out there about how to achieve success.  They tell you:  Write down your goals!  Do 3 small things every day that will move you towards that goal!  Make a list of action steps!  And my favorite:  Don't forget to network like a champ!! If it were really that simple, why is it that so many people are doing exactly those things, and are not getting the big results they seek?  Or even any results for that matter?  And there are other people who just seem to get a bright idea, rendezvous with the right people at the right time, and things seem to unfold naturally and effortlessly.  I'm certainly not implying that the latter group is not working hard.  But there's a lot more to the equation than just hard work, my friends, or there would be a lot more uber successful people out there.  You've just got to admit it - there's simply more to it than just working hard and "taking action". That's because taking action can either be upstream or downstream.  When you are paddling upstream, you are rowing really hard against a powerful current: no matter how hard you try (and you may make it a ways through sheer determination and physical strength), eventually you will get tired and the much more powerful current will have its way with you (that's what getting beat up by life feels like). When you are paddling downstream, you are going with the flow.  You're in sync with your emotions [...]

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Are You Doing What You Love?

Here is an article I recently wrote for an online women's magazine on career advice. Let me know what questions you all have! Enjoy! Few people are lucky enough to say that they are doing what they’re really truly passionate about. Having a job that doesn’t feel like a job shouldn’t be a luxury, but something you should strive for. Most very successful people will tell you that part of the secret of their success was simply just following their instinct and doing something that was fun for them and that they were naturally good at. But for many people that are struggling to define what exactly that is, the following steps are a great way to get the ball rolling. 1. Take an inventory of what your passions are This sounds simple enough, but a step that people sometimes overlook. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be related to what your degree is in, or what your current job happens to be. One exercise I tell my clients to do is, think back to what they liked doing as kids. What subjects interested you the most in school? What things were you fascinated by growing up? Then begin to look deeper into your personality. Are you creative or analytical? Are you a risk taker (i.e. entrepreneurial) or do you like the security of a steady salary? How important is lifestyle to you? Finally, follow your gut instinct. One of the best ways to figure out what you should be doing in life is to FOLLOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM. While no career is perfect or without tedious days, you should always gauge whether you are on the right track or not by how excited, enthusiastic, and [...]

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5 Simple Steps To Creating Change

  1. Think a different thought. We all have certain beliefs, expectations, and patterns of thought about certain subjects that seem natural to us, because we have practiced those thoughts for so long. The number one reason it's hard to get out of a rut or create change is because we keep thinking the same thoughts about a given subject. Jolt yourself out of an energy rut by forcing your mind to view things from a different, more favorable perspective, and then try to hold that new perspective for as long as possible. 2. Take a different action. As they say, madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you are wanting something to be different in your life, or just wanting to create some excitement, the change has to start with you first. There are no boring lives, only boring people. So if you want a different result, take a different action, even if it is small one. 3. Come from a place of abundance, not lack. A lot of times, when people want something or someone in their life to be different, they automatically start from a place of negativity and lackfulness, which undermines the change they are hoping to create. "I hate my job, I wish I had a different one" will continue to bring you more experiences that reinforce that same belief. A simple shift to, "I'm grateful for having a job and am in the process of creating an even better one" can be really impactful. This new statement puts you in a more powerful vibrational place of appreciation and hope rather than desperation. Always act as if what you want is already on its way to [...]

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Why Your Ego Is Preventing You From Getting What You Really Want

Once you understand the fundamentals of the law of attraction, and get the basic concept that your thoughts carry a vibrational frequency that is attracting like frequencies, it is sometimes easy to get carried away in trying to force things to happen through your thoughts. You become obsessed thinking about something in an effort to make it happen. And then the thing you want most continues to elude you. What's going on here? If I desire something strongly, and the Universe is responding to my thoughts, then why am I not getting what I'm thinking about? There is a difference between leveraging your thoughts, and paying attention to your emotions (which are always an accurate indicator of your vibration), and trying to force things to happen through your mind. Pantangali, and other great yogic mystics, have described the process of creation through four basic elements: ego, mind, body, and soul. Your soul (or the non-physical part of self that is connected to all Energy) is what coordinates all the cooperative components of your experience. It is what does the creating, and the assembling of synchronous events, people, and circumstances. The mind, ego, and body do not create. They are simply tools to help you decipher what you want. The mind can only observe, categorize, and collect evidence from the reality it is faced with, and use this information to formulate the desire for a change, or new reality. But it cannot make that desire come to fruition. Similarly, the ego can perpetuate the desire and make it stronger. And the body can use its senses to experience the current reality. But it cannot create a new one. So how does it all fit together? To [...]

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How Passion Correlates To Success

Examining personality traits of people that have accomplished a great deal in any given field, the one theme that resonates in all of them is that highly successful people are usually also highly passionate. What do I mean by passion? It's not necessarily an outward display of emotion, or a frantic, do-or-die mentality. Quite the opposite, highly successful people are usually centered, calm, and self-assured. Yet they are passionate about what they do and what they are good at, and have an intense focus of thought (even if it is for a short period of time), in which they become fully absorbed with what they are involved in. But here is the really critical part. Ready? Successful, passionate people live their life from the inside out. They are not passionate to get to an end goal. They are passionate because they are in love with what they are doing in the moment. Read those last two sentences very carefully, because the two vibrational energies that correlate with each frame of mind are very different. For example, if you are trying to be passionate about something because you think you will "get rich" as a result of performing that action, the desire for the end goal dilutes the purity of what you are doing in that moment. If on the other hand, you are completely absorbed and in love with what you are doing, you are fulfilling your highest purpose in life - which is simply to experience more joy and more enthusiasm at any given moment. This is when you are most aligned with your highest, broader, non-physical self. This is also when your energy vibration is the highest. Regardless of your current belief system, [...]

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Are you focused on the problem or the solution?

A lot of people, when faced with a problem in their life, whether its a work-related or personal, think incessantly about the problem. Some of this is involuntary because it’s easy (and lazy) to dwell on what is. “Well this is my reality” they say. “Of course I’m going to think about it.” What’s even worse, they sometimes hyperfocus on the problem, hoping that this focus on what’s wrong will help them to find a solution. These people don’t really understand how energy works. What you give your attention to, you add energy to, and it continues to expand in your life. By focusing on the problem, you are simply adding to the status quo of what is, and you are making it harder for yourself to create the change you seek. Focusing on the problem will not lead to a solution, since the problem is a different energy vibration than the vibration of the solution. When you are focused on the problem, the solution cannot find you. The people you need to meet, the insight that you are hoping will come to you, the circumstances that might favor you, etc. cannot align with you. The universe will continue to bring you more of what you are vibrating, which is “I have this problem.” The universe then says “Yes, you do.” The universe (or the field of infinite intelligence) always agrees with you. Now, you do want to think about your problem to the extent that you define it clearly. After all, if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t very well go about fixing it. But once you’ve clearly defined the problem and figured out what’s wrong, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, and begin to [...]

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Importance of Lining Up Your Beliefs and Expectations

What role do your beliefs and expectations play in shaping your life? And how much should they influence your actions? A belief is a thought pattern that you hold, either consciously or subconsciously. It could be something that you were taught, something that people around you or the media espouses, or an ingrained way of thinking formed from your own experience. An expectation is just that- what you expect to happen even before it does. People generally have a positive or negative set point when it comes to their expectation. And your set point probably varies depending on a given subject (for example, you could have a positive expectation when it comes to relationships because you have had good experiences in the past, but have a negative or somewhat lower expectation about what is possible for you in your career). Your expectations are really, really important when you are trying to create change in your life. If you desire something, and are taking action steps towards it, but don’t at your core believe that it can happen, then you will always be disappointed in the results you achieve. The universe can only deliver to you as much success as you think is possible for you. That’s why it’s critical that your beliefs and expectations be in line with your actions. Take the issue of losing weight for example, which is something a lot of people struggle with. Most people have certain set beliefs about what they must do to lose weight (cut calories, work out more, etc), and their expectation is that if they do these things for an extended period of time, they will indeed lose weight. The problem comes in when you don’t [...]

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