Are You Doing What You Love?

Here is an article I recently wrote for an online women's magazine on career advice. Let me know what questions you all have! Enjoy! Few people are lucky enough to say that they are doing what they’re really truly passionate about. Having a job that doesn’t feel like a job shouldn’t be a luxury, but something you should strive for. Most very successful people will tell you that part of the secret of their success was simply just following their instinct and doing something that was fun for them and that they were naturally good at. But for many people that are struggling to define what exactly that is, the following steps are a great way to get the ball rolling. 1. Take an inventory of what your passions are This sounds simple enough, but a step that people sometimes overlook. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be related to what your degree is in, or what your current job happens to be. One exercise I tell my clients to do is, think back to what they liked doing as kids. What subjects interested you the most in school? What things were you fascinated by growing up? Then begin to look deeper into your personality. Are you creative or analytical? Are you a risk taker (i.e. entrepreneurial) or do you like the security of a steady salary? How important is lifestyle to you? Finally, follow your gut instinct. One of the best ways to figure out what you should be doing in life is to FOLLOW YOUR ENTHUSIASM. While no career is perfect or without tedious days, you should always gauge whether you are on the right track or not by how excited, enthusiastic, and [...]

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Learning To Be Your Authentic Self

When we're young, most of us are taught to measure how we feel about ourselves by how others react to our behavior. When someone praised you as a child, for example, you naturally tried to repeat that smile-inducing, head-nodding behavior. When some scolded or criticized you, you were probably taught that you did something wrong. Thus began a vicious life-long cycle for many people of trying desperately to please everyone - parents, teachers, friends, relatives, co-workers, and even strangers that may be judging us. After all, the rules of socialization tell us that we must fit in, conform, and abide by social norms that were most likely (and ironically) set by disconnected people in a largely dysfunctional society. Many people forgot long ago to listen to the only voice that really matters: themselves. Their real, authentic self. Not who society says you should be. Not who you think people want you to be. And not even how you were taught to be. But rather, who you want to be (and are) to your core. How do you know what your authentic self is? And why is it so critical to come from a place of authenticity? First of all, not caring what other people think, and tuning out the voices and advice of others, can be a daunting task. After all, it's not that your friends and family don't mean well. But they all have their own biases, agendas, limitations, and viewpoints - which may or may not be right for you. In order for you to discover your authentic self, you have to dig deep and do some soul-searching. What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What truths resonate with you?? Most people [...]

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How To Raise Your Happiness Quotient (Part 2)

Editor's Note: Please reference Part 1 of this article in the archive section. As the saying goes, "An unhappy journey can never lead to a happy destination." But does being "happy" really influence outcomes and shape our future experience, or is it merely a glass-half-full, Pollyana-ish sentiment? People have critiqued the notion that being happy really does influence one's reality in a, well, real way. "It's just a way of seeing the world with rose-colored glasses on," the skeptics say, or, "That's so naive to think you can just be happy and everything will work out." Sometimes yes, sometimes no. These people don't really understand the transformational quality of happiness on an energetic, vibrational level. First of all, what does being "happy" truly mean? It runs deeper than pretending that you are ok, putting a fake smile on your face for the sake of appearances, or desensitizing yourself to negative emotion. In fact, these techniques tend to make things worse. Acknowledging the way you feel, and figuring out why you feel that way, is a key ingredient of finding true happiness. Emotions are an indicator of how high your energy frequency is (and how much in the flow of life you are). They are like the gas gauge in your automobile. The gauge doesn't create or use gasoline; it's simply an objective indicator. Similarly, your emotions are an indicator of your underlying core beliefs and energy frequency. If you pay close attention to your emotions, you may find a constant unease, or worry, or some other negative emotion underneath the surface that preventing you from being truly happy. It's important to acknowledge emotions because if you are consistently feeling depressed, angry, irritated, etc. that should [...]

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Five Step Process To Breaking A Negative Thought Pattern

A simple, five step process to recognizing and breaking negative thought patterns: 1. Catch yourself in the act. Most people don't even recognize when they are having a negative thought, because it is so ingrained in their thought pattern, that they don't even perceive it as "negative". They see it as Truth. As reality. Most people also erroneously assume that other people would have the same thought / reaction if faced with a similar stimuli or circumstance. For example, take the thought, "This traffic is so terrible. I am wasting so much time. I can't believe I have to deal with this." This thought, while it may seem logical and true, creates a stress response in the body. The basis of this thought is, "I have been put into an unpleasant circumstance that I cannot control. I will attempt to fight back by reacting negatively and with resistance." Feel the emotional space of helplessness and anger that this thought places you in. If you hold this negative emotion strongly enough, and for long enough, you will find yourself in many, many other circumstances where you feel helpless and out of control, because Law of Attraction naturally continues to draw to you what you are most dominantly feeling. That's why it is so important to catch yourself in a chronic, negative underlying thought pattern. 2. Recognize that you are thinking the thought; the thought is not thinking you. This gives you some immediate relief, as you now have some power back as you realize that you are thinker of this thought - it did not just think you (although sometimes it seems as if our thoughts are thinking us). This also almost instantly diffuses the negative [...]

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Define Spirituality?

Editor's note : Part 2 of "How To Raise Your H.Q." will be published shortly. This article felt more inspired in this moment, and stems from a quote I read today from one of my favorite authors, Abraham Hicks. _____________________________________________ Questioner: Is finding my purpose in life more about asking what life wants from me, or what I want from life? Abraham: It is what you want from life; you are the creator. And, really, the other part of it you can't get wrong anyway. Because, what life wants from me -- oh, such a good question -- what life wants for me is talking about this non-physical energy that is really you. In other words, who you were prior to coming into this physical body is still who that non-physical energy is (your soul). In other words: So, you came with intention. So, then as you stand in your physical form, you could accurately ask the question, "What does that part of me want from me?" And we would say, "What that non- physical part of you wants from you is new experience. New life, new contrast, new exploration; new conclusions...that what? New conclusions that that part of you can sink it's teeth in; can vibrationally become. There are a lot of people who are saying, "It is inappropriate to want." And, sometimes we go there, as we visit, because we know, we hear it from many: that there are some philosophies that seem to take issue with the idea of you, egotistically, identifying anything as desire. And, sometimes, as we listen (and we always love to hear the conversations no matter what they are about, because people are earnestly seeking) and, after they [...]

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How To Raise Your H.Q.- Part 1

The terms I.Q. and now even E.Q. (emotional quotient, which correlates with emotional intelligence) have long ago made it into the vernacular. But there is another “quotient” so to speak that everyone strives for but not many people really understand. So I’m going to go out on a limb and coin a new phrase: let’s just call it H.Q. – or the Happiness Quotient. What is H.Q.? It’s long been understood that some people just have a lower threshold for happiness. You know, those annoying people that derive great pleasure from the smallest of things. Like eating ice cream. Or watching football. Or whatever. Frankly, I never used to be one of those people. In fact, I think I simultaneously despised and envied people that were happy for no reason (I mean, what was their deal anyway?). Weren’t they smart enough to see everything that was wrong in their lives and want to fix it? Wasn’t it normal to endlessly examine and rationalize one’s own deficiencies? To conquer childish optimism and replace it with jaded “maturity”? Then one day, in my attempts at introspection, I realized that my forced realism, pragmatism, rationalism, and other -isms that I can’t think of right now, were only making me more miserable. I had been socially trained to be all those things. Creativity, spontaneity, and passion were mere luxuries – not a normal part of everyday life. And then I began to pay attention to my emotions, and my happiness level (it’s hard to quantify, but you know it when you have it). I began to consciously infuse moments of happiness into everyday life. I would eat an ice cream cone in the middle of the afternoon (there is [...]

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Ways To Raise Your Vibration in Five Minutes Or Less

In my last post, I promised to share with you guys ways to quickly and effectively raise your energy vibration. A higher vibration means you are more closely aligned with Source energy. Changing your energy vibration is also the only way you can start attracting better things to you – remember, anything that is currently manifesting in your reality started with a energy impulse first, then eventually translated into physical matter (in the form of a specific person, situation, circumstance, etc. coming into your life). The most sustainable way to alter your destiny is by changing your vibration slowly through positive thought. Sustained positive beliefs, coupled with positive expectation, are a surefire way to consistently keep good things coming into your experience. But what if you want faster, more effective results? Here are 5 ways to boost your vibrational quotient, fast. 1. MEDITATE!! If I could name one thing that every single human being should be doing, this would be it. After eating, drinking water, and sleeping, this should be the next biggest priority in your life. Check out previous posts for how to meditate and what to expect, but basically, this is THE most effective way to cause a quantum leap in your energy vibration. When you stop thought, you stop negative thought, and Source energy can begin to flood through you. You’ll FEEL it – deeper breathing, relaxed muscles (or the opposite with involuntary muscle movements, which just means you are releasing resistance), a flash of light, an intuitive hit or thought that occurs to you, or even just a feeling of peace. These are all signs that your meditation efforts are working. It takes a while to experience these things, so keep [...]

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Authentic Power

Most people have mixed thoughts when it comes to understanding the source of power. I’ve noticed most people (including myself, at times) say one thing, but believe or practice another, which causes a conflict in your energy. The most basic question you should ask yourself is: do you view power as external or internal? And what does power mean to you? It depends on who you ask. Some might say that power is influence over others. Some people think of it as the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want- a freedom of sorts. Some equate money to power. The one thing all these answers have in common is that they are all external sources of power. The problem with viewing power this way is that it is not really yours – when you find that you can’t manipulate someone, or aren’t in a state of financial abundance, or in a circumstance that you feel cannot change, then you suddenly feel powerless. This is the fundamental problem of assigning your power to something or someone outside of yourself. What if your perception of power was different? What if true power was control over your own mind? If you buy into the theory that you are creating your own reality through your thoughts (which are vibrating at a certain frequency), and are attracting other thoughts, circumstances, and people of a similar frequency, then your logic should tell you that your thoughts (both your underlying core beliefs and conscious thoughts) are driving your experience- nothing else. The more positive energy you cultivate, the more power you gain over your own experience. This then, is authentic power. By becoming a master of your thoughts, you become [...]

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10 Reasons You Should Be Meditating

Meditation has countless benefits on your health and life in general. Here are some great reasons to make meditation a part (even if it is a small part) of your daily rountine. 1. It increases your mental clarity and focus by eliminating incessant mind chatter created by an endless stream of thoughts. 2. Morning meditation sets a positive, peaceful energy into motion that infuses itself into the rest of your activities for the day (after a while you will notice things running more smoothly on their own). 3. Evening meditation helps you unwind from your day and improves sleep quality. 4. Injecting positive, specific intentions into a non-thought space during meditation helps your intentions manifest faster. 5. Meditation automatically reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, and improves breathing. 6. Meditation improves your ability to receive. Ask yourself specific questions before a meditation (Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the best solution to this problem?), quiet your mind, and then listen. Meditation puts you in touch with the silence that holds the answers. 7. Meditation jumpstarts your intuition, creativity, and inspiration. A quiet, relaxed mind is more likely to receive an intuitive hit than a frazzled one. 8. Meditation helps to release negative energy and toxic emotions. 9. Meditation triggers self-healing mechanisms that activate the body’s natural immune system. 10. Meditation helps you fully focus and channel your energy into each present moment. It makes you more powerful and effective in the present.

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