Learning To Be Your Authentic Self

When we're young, most of us are taught to measure how we feel about ourselves by how others react to our behavior. When someone praised you as a child, for example, you naturally tried to repeat that smile-inducing, head-nodding behavior. When some scolded or criticized you, you were probably taught that you did something wrong. Thus began a vicious life-long cycle for many people of trying desperately to please everyone - parents, teachers, friends, relatives, co-workers, and even strangers that may be judging us. After all, the rules of socialization tell us that we must fit in, conform, and abide by social norms that were most likely (and ironically) set by disconnected people in a largely dysfunctional society. Many people forgot long ago to listen to the only voice that really matters: themselves. Their real, authentic self. Not who society says you should be. Not who you think people want you to be. And not even how you were taught to be. But rather, who you want to be (and are) to your core. How do you know what your authentic self is? And why is it so critical to come from a place of authenticity? First of all, not caring what other people think, and tuning out the voices and advice of others, can be a daunting task. After all, it's not that your friends and family don't mean well. But they all have their own biases, agendas, limitations, and viewpoints - which may or may not be right for you. In order for you to discover your authentic self, you have to dig deep and do some soul-searching. What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What truths resonate with you?? Most people [...]

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Why Your Ego Is Preventing You From Getting What You Really Want

Once you understand the fundamentals of the law of attraction, and get the basic concept that your thoughts carry a vibrational frequency that is attracting like frequencies, it is sometimes easy to get carried away in trying to force things to happen through your thoughts. You become obsessed thinking about something in an effort to make it happen. And then the thing you want most continues to elude you. What's going on here? If I desire something strongly, and the Universe is responding to my thoughts, then why am I not getting what I'm thinking about? There is a difference between leveraging your thoughts, and paying attention to your emotions (which are always an accurate indicator of your vibration), and trying to force things to happen through your mind. Pantangali, and other great yogic mystics, have described the process of creation through four basic elements: ego, mind, body, and soul. Your soul (or the non-physical part of self that is connected to all Energy) is what coordinates all the cooperative components of your experience. It is what does the creating, and the assembling of synchronous events, people, and circumstances. The mind, ego, and body do not create. They are simply tools to help you decipher what you want. The mind can only observe, categorize, and collect evidence from the reality it is faced with, and use this information to formulate the desire for a change, or new reality. But it cannot make that desire come to fruition. Similarly, the ego can perpetuate the desire and make it stronger. And the body can use its senses to experience the current reality. But it cannot create a new one. So how does it all fit together? To [...]

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The Karma Cop-out

So I’ve gotten used to various friends, family members, and acquaintances who regularly ask me for spiritual advice (or who disagree with me on some point or the other, and just want to have a spirited debate). I respect the latter just as much as the former, by the way. This past weekend, someone very close to me brought up a very good point: “But what about karma? What about fate? Surely you don’t believe that you can control everything. I mean, sure we have free will, and our thoughts can influence some things, but a lot of things are out of our control.” So here is my two paragraph explanation of a centuries old problem: free will versus destiny. First, there is the accumulation of thought that has brought you to where you currently are. There is continuity from lifetime to lifetime. This is what most people mean when they say “karma.” So this is true. But you see, the thing is, things are not really happening in a nice, linear way like our mind likes to think. In reality, our souls exist in a multi-dimensional reality where everything is happening in the NOW. The past and future are projections of our mind; a neat trick the mind uses to categorize and fully understand different experiences. Within the boundaries of a time-space continuum, if you are living unconsciously from lifetime to lifetime, without recognition that your thoughts are driving your reality, and without any connection to Source energy, then yes, your life just becomes a continuation of previous energy. You will seemingly have very little control in this scenario, and the “good” and “bad” things that happen in your life can be attributed to [...]

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Authentic Power

Most people have mixed thoughts when it comes to understanding the source of power. I’ve noticed most people (including myself, at times) say one thing, but believe or practice another, which causes a conflict in your energy. The most basic question you should ask yourself is: do you view power as external or internal? And what does power mean to you? It depends on who you ask. Some might say that power is influence over others. Some people think of it as the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want- a freedom of sorts. Some equate money to power. The one thing all these answers have in common is that they are all external sources of power. The problem with viewing power this way is that it is not really yours – when you find that you can’t manipulate someone, or aren’t in a state of financial abundance, or in a circumstance that you feel cannot change, then you suddenly feel powerless. This is the fundamental problem of assigning your power to something or someone outside of yourself. What if your perception of power was different? What if true power was control over your own mind? If you buy into the theory that you are creating your own reality through your thoughts (which are vibrating at a certain frequency), and are attracting other thoughts, circumstances, and people of a similar frequency, then your logic should tell you that your thoughts (both your underlying core beliefs and conscious thoughts) are driving your experience- nothing else. The more positive energy you cultivate, the more power you gain over your own experience. This then, is authentic power. By becoming a master of your thoughts, you become [...]

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How To Create Real Change In Your Life

After last week’s post, people commented that they’re intrigued by the concept of meditation and want to try it, but would like to understand more about what’s actually behind it. So I wanted to write about how you can take something like the concept of meditation (which may sound great in some abstract philosophical sense), and create real change in your life. Not only inner change, but clear, sustainable outer change. That’s the bottom line you’re trying to achieve – a noticeable difference in the way you feel, think, react, and experience events in your life. When you change the inner, the outer automatically changes – that’s the secret. The true litmus test of any set of beliefs, whether they come from organized religion, spiritual beliefs, or your own personal experience, is whether they are adding value and helping you create the life you want to live. If your beliefs are not helping you grow, evolve, and accomplish the things you want, it make senses to explore and adapt them to what will work for you. So ask yourself, is your belief system helping you or hurting you? Meditation helps you to do just that – instead of assigning random outside causes to things in your life (I’m unlucky, the economy sucks, I was born into a bad environment, my government is holding me down, my husband/wife is unsupportive, etc), it helps you look within to create change. Think about it - you really have no other option – if you do not look within, you are looking without. While it is certainly true that outside circumstances do influence your life, you can slowly begin to change those circumstances from the inside out, which is [...]

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