Ever since I read The Secret two years ago, I’ve been using Law of Attraction to find my soulmate.  I try to stay positive and focus on what I want, but it’s not working.  What am I doing wrong?”

Dr. Kulkarni’s Answer:

I get this question a lot.  Often times, when people think they are “focusing on what they want” they are actually vibrationally activating the lack of it.  It’s like someone saying over and over to the Universe – “I want a million dollars!  I want a million dollars!  Soon Law of Attraction will work and I will have a million dollars!”  This doesn’t really work because someone who actually has a million dollars doesn’t yearn for it – they already come from a secure knowing place of abundance and a feeling place of inherent worthiness.
When you focus on attracting a partner, the energy pattern you are relaying to the Universe (to put it into words) is – “Universe, I’m going to be positive so that you will give me this thing that I know I currently do not have.”  So the Universe continues to replicate the experience of your knowing that you do not have it, despite your most positive intentions.
You have to vibrationally shift into a place of KNOWING and BELIEVING that you are your own soulmate.  That you are already complete and worthy as is.  That there is nothing and no one missing.  When you don’t feel like anything is missing (and therefore are not asking for anyone to fill the gap), what you want will appear swiftly and readily through the path of least resistance.