Examining personality traits of people that have accomplished a great deal in any given field, the one theme that resonates in all of them is that highly successful people are usually also highly passionate. What do I mean by passion? It’s not necessarily an outward display of emotion, or a frantic, do-or-die mentality. Quite the opposite, highly successful people are usually centered, calm, and self-assured. Yet they are passionate about what they do and what they are good at, and have an intense focus of thought (even if it is for a short period of time), in which they become fully absorbed with what they are involved in.

But here is the really critical part. Ready? Successful, passionate people live their life from the inside out. They are not passionate to get to an end goal. They are passionate because they are in love with what they are doing in the moment. Read those last two sentences very carefully, because the two vibrational energies that correlate with each frame of mind are very different.

For example, if you are trying to be passionate about something because you think you will “get rich” as a result of performing that action, the desire for the end goal dilutes the purity of what you are doing in that moment. If on the other hand, you are completely absorbed and in love with what you are doing, you are fulfilling your highest purpose in life – which is simply to experience more joy and more enthusiasm at any given moment. This is when you are most aligned with your highest, broader, non-physical self. This is also when your energy vibration is the highest. Regardless of your current belief system, following your passion in life (no matter what it is) is always supported by the Universe- because that is who you really are. Enthusiasm, passion, love, and joy are vibrational indicators that you are on the right path. It may not seem like the most direct path to achieving abundance, or freedom, or whatever you are striving toward. But it really is the path of least resistance, and will allow you to get into the flow of a very powerfully positive life force or stream.

So take a lesson from highly successful people- live your life from the inside out. Disregard what others think about what is good for you and what you should be doing. When you follow other people, you are living from the outside, and hoping you will experience change as a result. When you follow yourself, you are creating change from within, and the Universe will take its cue from you. Don’t go down a path because you think it will yield more abundance and freedom at the end of it- an unhappy journey can never have a happy ending. Instead, learn to follow your passion, and allow the Universe to effortlessly yield abundance, freedom, and joy to you.