In trying to create change in your life, how important is thought versus action? There is a common misconception out that the only way one can create change is through ACTION. “No pain, no gain” they tell us. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” We’ve all grown up in a society where action reigns supreme, and hard work and sacrifice are applauded. But have you ever noticed how many people there are out there working very, very hard, and yet success still eludes them? And there are other people that just seem to get lucky, or get all the breaks?

If the formula was as simple as hard work = success, there would be a lot more successful people out there, don’t you agree? But then, people argue, “oh he just got lucky” or “she just timed it right, that’s all.” But what influences your luck? What inspires you to the right timing? Your life is more than just a series of random coincidences over which hard work is your only way to fight back and have a sense of control. Taking fruitful, effective action (and working hard when you need to) is definitely important.

But what’s more important is that your energy is lined up. If you are not already feeling successful, if you have a lot of resistance in terms of negativity, hesitation, anxiety, etc., then you are holding yourself back. If your energy is not in alignment with what you want, and you have not created a great deal of positive momentum through your vibration (the energy vibe you are giving off to the universe), I’ve got news for you: you can work 24 hours a day on your business and you will still not be the next Bill Gates. Or the next Oprah. Or the next [insert who you admire here].

The thing that all very successful people have going for them is that they have consciously or unconsciously combined a strong, specific desire with very little resistance. So then the actions they do take seem to work in a big way. Things build on themselves automatically. They get lucky and get the right breaks. The right people seem to show up in their life magically. And they will all tell you that it wasn’t back-breaking work that got them there; they simply had a dream and followed through in a way that felt natural to them.

The goal here is to get in the flow of the Energy. Imagine a strong current carrying you downstream. Cultivating positive, focused thoughts, having a sustained, positive expectation, and then relaxing into a space of non-resistance allows you to go with your Energy stream (everyone has one). Taking uninspired action just for the sake of acting, and trying to win by pushing against what you don’t want, is like taking a tiny pair of oars and paddling upstream against a very strong current. You may make some progress, but eventually you will get tired and give up.

Don’t let the stream beat up on you. Drop your oars and just turn downstream; let the current carry you. And don’t forget to enjoy the ride down the river!