Reader question:

Can you explain the difference between karmic law and law of attraction?  Are they the same thing?


This is a great question!  The word “karma” has, for better or worse, made it into the popular lexicon.  It’s usually used as a way to explain the doling out of divine justice.  As in, if something bad or unexpected happens to you, maybe it was “karma” (payback from the Universe for something you have done in the past).  Conversely, if something good happens, the same definition of a past good deed is usually used (“I must have good karma!”).

To make things even more complicated, the Hindu religion (which is where the Sanskrit word karma originates) claims that there is past life karma.  Your good and bad deeds in a past life could contribute to what you are experiencing in this life. 

So is this popular definition of karma accurate?  And how do we reconcile it with the Law of Attraction?

To put it simply, the biggest difference between what we know about how energy actually operates through the Law of Attraction and the classical definition of karma is this:  your current point of attraction is a direct result of your energy frequency in THIS moment.  It has nothing to do with a past life or past good or bad deeds in this life. 

So does this mean that if you could shift your energy frequency in the now moment, that you would be absolved of any past karma?  Basically, yes.  Every frequency, every outcome, every circumstance already exists in billions of difference vibrational realities simultaneously.  You are simply, in any given moment in time, TUNING IN to a specific frequency and its corresponding reality.  If you can shift your frequency (and this is a big if, since quantum shifts in frequency are difficult to achieve and even more difficult to sustain), then you can shift into a difference circumstance immediately, despite what your frequency (reality) has been in the past.

Karma, on the other hand, implies that there is no way out, and that we are doomed or destined to experience certain events regardless of our thoughts and emotions in the moment.  This is just simply not true.  When you experience something unexpected, it is not a result of past “karma.”  It is the result of a series of chronic thoughts patterns and beliefs that have gained momentum over time and have manifested.  It IS true that thoughts gain momentum- this is the promise of Law of Attraction- and so, certain events and circumstances seem inevitable.  But in the moment that you become conscious of those thought patterns and beliefs, you can begin to shift them, change the momentum, and redefine your current and future reality.



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