1. Act “as if.” A recent study showed that the brain waves generated and neurotransmitters released when someone visualizes sitting on a beach (for example) are exactly the same as the brain waves of a person who is actually sitting on that beach. Your mind (and the Universe) doesn’t recognize the difference between what you perceive as “real” and “imaginary.” It only reads vibration. The easiest way to attract something into your experience is to evoke the FEELING and VIBRATION of already having it, and then hold your attention to that feeling as long as possible, preferably until it becomes second nature. Feeling as if what you want is already here may seem like a exercise in delusion, but remember, reality is pliable. Your physical reality is constantly changing and conforming to the energy frequency you are holding.

2. Role play. When someone recently asked the entertainer Lady Gaga how she became so famous so quickly, she responded, “I knew I was famous even before anyone ever knew me.” She would feel, think, and act like people she admired even before the physical manifestation of her own fame.

Who are some people that inspire you? Who would you want to be like? It doesn’t have to be anyone “famous” – just someone that you admire and has had an impact on you. There are many archetypes for you to choose from. Try to get out of your own head a little bit and think and feel more like the person that inspires you. How would they think about a situation? What would they do? Aside from being a fun exercise, this can help you shift your perceptions and create new energy patterns.

3. Do what inspires you. As cliche as it sounds, some people have no idea what inspires them. They are so stuck in a rut of a 9 to 5 job, daily responsibilities, and every day issues, that they don’t even have the time or energy to think about “inspiration” – the concept seems too abstract and fanciful. But every day, the Universe gives you hints and clues as to what sort of things might make you happy. Carve out even 15 minutes every day to do something, anything that makes your heart sing. Meditate. Take a bath. Listen to your favorite song. Reconnect with someone that you have forgotten. 15 minutes of being in a state of allowing a day, done every day, will at least open a window where you’re allowing the Universe a chance to please you and create an opening for bigger doses of inspiration to sneak in.

4. Think back to when you were a kid. Seriously. Before you had all the problems, issues, hassles, and aggravations of being an adult with so-called “real” responsibilities, what were you like? What sort of things fascinated you? What made you feel excited? What did you dream about? Kids are generally less disconnected from Source energy and still remember what it feels like to be loving and loved at all times. They are still excited, open, curious, adventurous, and honest about how they feel on a daily basis. Would it be such a bad thing to give up being an adult for a moment and actually feel some of those things again?

5. Appreciate. The Universe LOVES it when you appreciate something. Anything. It is the absolute clearest signal you can offer that you want more of whatever it is that you are appreciating. Along with joy and love, the feeling of appreciation has the highest energy vibration on the emotional scale. Energy immediately begins to coalesce around whatever situation, person, thing, or circumstance you are holding as your object of attention, and begins to shape your future moments to bring you more experiences with a similar energy frequency.