Why Loving Yourself Is So Critical

I know it may sound selfish, but throughout my years of coaching people and writing on spirituality, I’ve learned that perhaps the single most important key to success in every area of life (career, relationships, [...]

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Middle East Conflict: Are We Asking The Right Questions?

This week’s headlines have been filled with escalating tensions and violence between Israel and Palestine. Sadly, this is a movie we’ve seen before – an acute event which instigates a crisis, both sides responding with [...]

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Natural Disasters and the Law of Attraction

As I sit here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warm and cozy in my Manhattan apartment, I’ve taken the last few days to contemplate how spirituality (and even religious beliefs) factor into mass events [...]

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How Can I Help?

Reader question of the month:   Is there a strategy to be my best helpful self without allowing others to take advantage of me? – L.D., Brooklyn, New York This is a great question. Often [...]

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Why National Politics Are Largely Irrelevant To Your Personal Reality

In this year of political frenzy, a seemingly endless election cycle, and dogmatic opinions on both sides of the political aisle, I’m going to make a bold assertion: what happens in the political world will [...]

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How Do I Find My Soulmate?

Question: Ever since I read The Secret two years ago, I’ve been using Law of Attraction to find my soulmate.  I try to stay positive and focus on what I want, but it’s not working.  [...]

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When should you take action?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: taking action to achieve a goal, from a place of misaligned energy, is rarely effective.  And that's precisely what's wrong with 99% of the "advice" that's [...]

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Are You Doing What You Love?

Here is an article I recently wrote for an online women's magazine on career advice. Let me know what questions you all have! Enjoy! Few people are lucky enough to say that they are doing [...]

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The Purpose of Mantras in Meditation

Although there are many different meditation techniques, methods, and theories, the end goal of meditation is always the same: to quiet the mind and establish a closer connection with your true Self (or soul or [...]

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Learning To Be Your Authentic Self

When we're young, most of us are taught to measure how we feel about ourselves by how others react to our behavior. When someone praised you as a child, for example, you naturally tried to [...]

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