How To Create Real Change In Your Life

After last week’s post, people commented that they’re intrigued by the concept of meditation and want to try it, but would like to understand more about what’s actually behind it. So I wanted to write [...]

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10 Reasons You Should Be Meditating

Meditation has countless benefits on your health and life in general. Here are some great reasons to make meditation a part (even if it is a small part) of your daily rountine. 1. It increases [...]

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The Placebo Effect and Why It Should Matter To You

One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is being able to evaluate clinical trials for different drugs: figuring out how trials are designed and what the data actually means. One of the tenets [...]

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Eating Your Way to Wellness

So in a previous article, I promised to share some tips on how to improve overall health, and even reverse disease by addressing underlying energy imbalances. One of the least controversial means of preventing and [...]

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What Anger Does To Your Body

The American Psychological Association just published a great article on the effects of anger on the body ( Toxic emotions like anger increase your blood pressure, heart rate, send stress hormones coursing through your body, [...]

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Why I Gave Up Artificial Sweeteners

One of the things they teach you about early in medical school is how food is metabolized. Calories you ingest in the form of food get broken down by enzymes based on the type of [...]

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