In my last post, I promised to share with you guys ways to quickly and effectively raise your energy vibration. A higher vibration means you are more closely aligned with Source energy. Changing your energy vibration is also the only way you can start attracting better things to you – remember, anything that is currently manifesting in your reality started with a energy impulse first, then eventually translated into physical matter (in the form of a specific person, situation, circumstance, etc. coming into your life).

The most sustainable way to alter your destiny is by changing your vibration slowly through positive thought. Sustained positive beliefs, coupled with positive expectation, are a surefire way to consistently keep good things coming into your experience. But what if you want faster, more effective results? Here are 5 ways to boost your vibrational quotient, fast.

1. MEDITATE!! If I could name one thing that every single human being should be doing, this would be it. After eating, drinking water, and sleeping, this should be the next biggest priority in your life. Check out previous posts for how to meditate and what to expect, but basically, this is THE most effective way to cause a quantum leap in your energy vibration. When you stop thought, you stop negative thought, and Source energy can begin to flood through you. You’ll FEEL it – deeper breathing, relaxed muscles (or the opposite with involuntary muscle movements, which just means you are releasing resistance), a flash of light, an intuitive hit or thought that occurs to you, or even just a feeling of peace. These are all signs that your meditation efforts are working. It takes a while to experience these things, so keep at it.

2. Visualize. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine the circumstances you are wishing to create. Don’t do it with the forced intention of trying to make something happen, or trying to tell the Universe what you want – it already knows, so trust that what you want has already happened in a vibrational reality somewhere. The point of visualizing is for the pleasure of it. The act of being purely focused on something that makes you happy (without any ulterior motives) is an excellent way to raise vibration.

3. Breathe. As cliche as it sounds, the old yogic saying is still true today: breath is life. All the cells of your body are crying out for oxygen all the time. Fortunately, your body handles this for you most of the time without your consciously thinking about it. But in times of increased stress, extra oxygen in your cells helps every single process in your body – metabolism, excretion, brain function, releasing of toxins, and so on. So focus on your breathing – take a deep breath, and then take in a little more oxygen. Don’t exhale just yet – even if your lungs feel full, take in a little more. And then a little more. Then just exhale slowly. Enjoy it. Your breath is the most tactile, visceral way for you to feel the cyclical, rhythmic ebb and flow of Energy pulsing through you.

4. Love. Thoughts of love (not necessarily the romantic kind, but rather love as in pure appreciation) vibrate higher than any other emotion. Period. You (in your non-physical form) are essentially unlimited love, joy, and abundance. Everything that everyone wants in their life is because they think it will give them a taste of these things – love, freedom, and joy.

The basis of your life is freedom.

The purpose of your life is joy.

That is why you are here. So find something, anything that you love and just fixate completely on it for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what the object of your love is – just feeling the emotion purely will raise your vibration.

5. And, finally, Sleep. This one is tricky. When you sleep, your consciousness merges with Source energy; that is how it draws strength and sustains itself for when it must accompany you during your waking hours. If you are usually in pure positive appreciation, and loving your life, your Consciousness likes staying awake, as it experiences joy along with you. Sometimes the most aligned people need the least amount of sleep. When you are in a constant state of negative emotion and resistance, however, your Consciousness demands a break from all of the negativity more often, and you feel tired and the need for more sleep. When you sleep, you release resistance. But unlike meditation, when you wake up you return to your original vibration; when you come out of meditation on the other hand, your vibration remains higher (this is how meditation differs from sleep).

One caveat to this: wanting sleep does not always mean you are vibrating very negatively. Sometimes, if someone’s desires are very strong and the Energy is moving very fast, the fast moving energy stream can cause you to feel tired if you are not “keeping up” with You. In other words, if you are not in an allowing place in which you believe your desires are manifesting, it can cause a gap between where you want to be and where you are. This can cause a feeling of fatigue, because you are summoning more and more energy, but are not in a state of relaxed allowing. Sleep can temporarily relieve some of that resistance and let you close the gap.

There you have it – 5 easy (and fun) ways to raise your vibration. Try one or two that appeal to you. Then try all of them over the course of a few days or weeks to see what works best for you!