Once you understand the fundamentals of the law of attraction, and get the basic concept that your thoughts carry a vibrational frequency that is attracting like frequencies, it is sometimes easy to get carried away in trying to force things to happen through your thoughts. You become obsessed thinking about something in an effort to make it happen. And then the thing you want most continues to elude you. What’s going on here? If I desire something strongly, and the Universe is responding to my thoughts, then why am I not getting what I’m thinking about?

There is a difference between leveraging your thoughts, and paying attention to your emotions (which are always an accurate indicator of your vibration), and trying to force things to happen through your mind.

Pantangali, and other great yogic mystics, have described the process of creation through four basic elements: ego, mind, body, and soul. Your soul (or the non-physical part of self that is connected to all Energy) is what coordinates all the cooperative components of your experience. It is what does the creating, and the assembling of synchronous events, people, and circumstances.

The mind, ego, and body do not create. They are simply tools to help you decipher what you want. The mind can only observe, categorize, and collect evidence from the reality it is faced with, and use this information to formulate the desire for a change, or new reality. But it cannot make that desire come to fruition. Similarly, the ego can perpetuate the desire and make it stronger. And the body can use its senses to experience the current reality. But it cannot create a new one. So how does it all fit together?

To put in into the vernacular, you understand it when you get that both of the following statements are simultaneously true:

God helps those who help themselves.

Let go and let God.

You are the creator of your own reality- through your deciphering of the contrast in your environment, your ego and mind come to new conclusions and new desires. The key is to then release these new intentions and desires to the Universe (or your higher Self), and ALLOW their creation and manifestation into your experience. Letting go of your desire and releasing attachment from the outcome is a key aspect of manifestation that many people miss.

Sometimes hyper-focusing on what you want is detrimental, because you are still vibrating the lack of it, so your vibrational frequency is not really shifting. The Universe cannot give you what you want if you are not a vibrational match to it. When you take your mind and ego out of the equation, you get out of your own way. You have to practice setting forth an intention, letting go of it, and then trusting that the Universe will float it gently into your experience.